Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Post

I am naming this "First Post" because I hate when I am reading someone else's blog and I read the first post and after I am done, there's nothing. No other posts, no "older posts" link to click. Nothing. Then I am Disappoint and it makes me Sad. They could have given me some kind of warning that, as I am going backward through their blog, this will be the last thing I get to read. Ok, I've only actually read through two whole blogs, but I am trying to save the world here and I am at work, drunk, because I slept all of about 3 hours and drank too much and got all emo last night. Long story, not worth telling. It ended up good in the end (is that redundant??) and that's all that matters, right? I'm also naming it that because I don't really have a subject, I'm drunk, at work...

Have you ever been drunk at work? Not like happy, I feel fucking fantastic and can conquer the world even if I fall 4 times trying to get to the bathroom and not puke all over myself drunk... More like I was drunk 4 hours ago when Hot Bald Guy and I went to bed, too drunk, and because we're fucking REBELS and think we only need 3 hours of sleep, I am still drunk. And now my coffee is too hot, which sucks because I neeeeeed it. And I am not sure anything I am writing even makes a god damn bit of sense but that this the beauty of this blog thing.

I can write random strings of half-coherent sentences (or words) and people are STILL going to read this, just because I am awesome. So I am trying to decide what kind of blogger I wanna be... Do I wanna be the person who is blatantly trying to get rich by writing random crap on a page (but will inevitably fail miserably and probably jump off some (not) random building in Pittsburgh because they suck at life and blogging was their last hope (and they want to cut back on CO2 emmissions)? Do I wanna be that person that pretends to actually care about all my "readers" and talk about stuff they wanna hear? Do I start out by being funny then turn all serious and shit when I get credibility? Do I use this as a way to tell people what I think of them, while simultaneously telling pretty much the entire internet, but they can't say I am talking behind their back because technically, it's right in front of their face, and on the Internets?

Did I mention I am drunk and my coffee is too hot? Incidentally, writing seems to help make me less drunk, which is good, because, as I mentioned, I am at work. And I actually have shit to do. That requires thought. So I figured if I spew some random garbage now, it will at least get my brain working. I really wanted to rant about Pittsburgh drivers or how shady left-handed people are, but I guess I should stop while I am ahead and get my work done. I should have named this post "Drunk. At work: A Manifesto"

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