People have started asking questions... So I figured I'd give answers, because that seems like the most logical thing to do when someone asks a question. And because I am such a nice friggin guy, I have compiled these answers into a neat little FAQ. One stop shop for everything you wanted to know (or probably didn't) about The Trbobitch.

Q: Why the hell do you call yourself "Trbobitch"??

A: Because my last name is Trbovich. People, of course, think it's cute to remind me that this sounds like Turbo-bitch, so I have taken it upon myself to make their lives a lot easier by just calling myself that.
Q: Why do you have a thing for bald guys?

A: Why do you have a thing for chicks with big boobs? Because you like to play with them? Ok, I like to play with bald heads.
Q: Why are you so funny?

A: Why do you ask stupid questions?
Q: Are your stories actually true?

A: Yes, they are. My life is fucked up... You probably have a fucked up life too, you just lack the ability to capitalize on that and turn it into a moneymaking blog machine =P (Except the one about me being drunk at work. I have NEVER actually been drunk at work. I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.)
Q: Will you marry me?

A: Send me your annual income figures, then we'll talk.
Q: Did that tattoo hurt?

A: Nope. It fucking tickled. I drink pain for breakfast because I am a big, macho machine that feels no pain. RRAAAAWWWRRRR!
Q: Can I send you money?

A: No, don't fucking send me money!!!! </timesnewsarcasm>

If you would like to contribute to my nail polish addiction or alcohol habit, you can Paypal me money: trbobtch4liberty@yahoo.com. If you expect sexual favors in return, please include a full body picture along with payment**

**(this is not a guarantee of said favors, unless you are Bruce Willis. Then, you don't even need to send money. For you, Bruce, I am pro bono baby.)

I will be adding more as people ask them. If you'd like a question answered, please leave it in the Comments section.

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