Hot Bald Guys I Know

I am truly a blessed woman, as I know many hot bald guys. (Click here to see hot bald guys I don't know but wish I did). I have decided to dedicate a page to the Hot Bald Guys I know (or kinda know). Not only are they hot and bald, but they have all kinds of nice things to say about me.

Now, some of you may look at this as me tooting my own horn, and I say to you: So the fuck what!?!?! I'll never pass up an opportunity to have Hot Bald Guys showering me with compliments.

Please enjoy the Hot Baldness:


Joe gets extra points for the tattoo and the facial hair.

He also gets extra extra points for this wonderful review of your truly:
Let me tell you a little something about Amanda Trbovich. Although I don't know her personally, I have been an acquaintance of hers on Facebook for a little over a year now. During that time I have come to observe a number of great qualities that she possesses. First and foremost, she has a passion for the truth. I love the fact that she never fully relies on the research of others, but instead searches and finds the facts on her own. While choosing to remain humorous at times, no doubt to bring some semblance of joy to even the most die hard truther, in no way shape or form negates the fact that this woman is as serious as a heart attack when it comes to exposing the lies and web of deceit that is the "New World Order." Not only does she talk the talk but she walks the walk. She gives of her own time and resources not for vain glory or semi celebrity. Rather, she simply and consistently sows seeds of liberating truth that will hopefully be watered in the hearts of those willing to listen. Patiently awaiting a harvest of  fully energized "baby truthers," all of whom will hopefully have the same desire to be nurtured by the pure milk of truth, and also share her zeal and passion for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Although we may disagree on plenty of things, she still has the common courtesy and open mindedness to at least listen and examine the facts. We would all do well to have a tenth of her desire for truth and wisdom. Like any one of us she is not perfect and without faults, but her imperfections are of no mindful consideration when measured against her tremendous willingness to stand up for the rights of all. Yes, even those with whom she may not agree with. This is the mark of a true Patriot, and to put it simply: an awesome human being! 
Joe FTW!


Jay also gets bonus points for facial hair

Although his "3 sentences about how awesome I am" falls a little short:
hell, if you haven't figured out by now how much I worship u, well!  You know I think ur awesome, well in fact, I know ur awesome! Keep it up gurl, ur doing a great job!:)

~~~~~If you would like to be featured on my "Hot Bald Guys I Know" page, please send your best hot bald pics along with (at least) three (3) sentences about how awesome I am to

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