Friday, November 26, 2010


I have to laugh every time I hear this term. It's used by Truthers, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and other "enlightened people". They use it to refer to people who believe everything they read or hear in the" Main Stream Media". These same people usually state that it is their goal to "educate" people as to "what is really going on". I'm not disagreeing that many people don't grasp what's happening in the world today, how we're being overrun by Reptilian Freemason Illuminatis, headed by Overlord Cheney and his soul-sucking pussy (cat). However, using a derogatory term to describe the people you are trying to "save" (this is starting to feel like a Jehovah's Witness campaign) seems to me to be a bit counterproductive.

Now to the funny part... I posted a blog on Wednesday. It was a "story" about a TSA worker suing a passenger for farting in his face (unintentionally of course). I would say probably 80% of the people who read it thought it was real (and will probably continue to think so, even after I post this). If Ricardo Cráneo was not enough to give it away, maybe the fact that it's posted on a satire/hyperbole blog would give it away. Maybe the fact that appears with posts about Hot Bald Guys and acrobatic monkey sex would clue them in??? 

Does anyone see the irony in people, who call others "sheeple" for blindly following, believing a story that has absolutely no basis in truth and cannot be verified through other sources? Troofers, I am Disappoint. You're just as bad as the Beck-heads you rip on every single day of your pathetic lives. If you want to save humanity, you'd better work on saving yourselves from your completely retarded gullibility first. And this isn't the first time you did it, you all believed a completely satirical story from THE DAILY (FUCKING) SQUIB!!!

squib  (skwib)
a. A small firecracker.
b. A broken firecracker that burns but does not explode.
a. A brief satirical or witty writing or speech, such as a lampoon.
b. A short, sometimes humorous piece in a newspaper or magazine, usually used as a filler.

Congrats, you "truth seekers". You Fail. Epically.


  1. The rant was okay, but the video at the end made me bust out laughing. Although I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I "got" the DragonballZ reference. It's all my kid's fault. Yeah.

  2. There's not much to rant about, the situation speaks for itself :-)